Studio project 2021 Spring semester
In collaboration with Kathleen Dieme and Garpard del Marmol
Location: Siida Open Air Museum, Inari
Wood Construction
The Sámi vernacular architecture was made from materials found on the site by using building techniques that were common knowledge. Everyone needed to know how to build a shelter for themselves. Buildings were built, dismantled and rebuilt in another location. The materials could be discarded and they would return to the natural cycles leaving no trace behind.
The contemporary construction is complex, expensive and not accessible to all. We wanted to create a toolbox that would return the practice of building back to common knowledge. We wanted to create a new vernacular through which the Sámi could create shelters to house today’s needs.

The project proposes two exhibition pavilions for the Siida open air museum in Inari. The structures are placed on an existing clearing and together with the natural elements, such as the tree line, they form spaces for communal events, handicraft presentations and Skabmagovat film festival. The pavilions and the site evolve throughout the seasons. By using temporary structures, canvases and natural elements the indoor and outdoor spaces can adapt to temperature changes and prevailing winds.
published in: Architecture Education in Finland 150 years, Aalto University Department of Architecture Yearbook 2020-2022
published in: Interplay of Cultures Studio: Sámi. Contemplating Northern Indigenous Cultures in Present Global Challenges, Aalto University
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