I am an architect based in Helsinki looking for my place in the Anthropocene. 

I am the other half of Vokal along with Ella Kaira. Vokal is an architectural practice delving into the interplay of architecture, social movements and the property markets in the contemporary city. Along with Vokal, I am one of the co-founder of You Tell Me, a collective of young architects working on a paradigm change in the field of construction, and Art For All, a community of young artists working towards a more open and inclusive art and culture field. 
I graduated as an architect from Aalto University in 2022 with additional studies in ETH Zurich. During my studies I began to question the prevailing architecture practices and the education I was given in Aalto. In 2019 with Ella Prokkola, Seela Pentikäinen, Heljä Nieminen and Isabella Rauh we started the You Tell Me Collective, a group of young architects working on a paradigm change in the way we build.  The collective started as a platform for supplementary education where we looked for knowledge that was not part of our curriculum. Since 2019 the collective has grown with multiple members and we have gone on to conduct various thematic projects from the 2020 anti-advertisement campaign in Helsinki’s metro to the art work “It’s Time to Talk About Monstrosities” as part of Porin Kulttuurisäätö’s exhibition Pori Biennale 2023 – Visitors in Meri-Rastila and Kallahti in Helsinki. The collective collaborates with the Museum of Finnish Architecture to provide free architecture summer school for young people to encourage youth from different backgrounds to join the field.
In 2020 I with Michael Panula-Ontto, Jenni Kilpi and Suvi Vendelin founded Art For All ry, a community of artists promoting cross-artistic collaboration and accessibility of art. We had gotten to know each other in the student movement at Aalto ARTS and University of the Arts Helsinki, and wanted to bring together artists in the beginning of their careers across the boundaries of the institutions. Since the founding the association has gained over 90 members and organized three art festivals. I have worked as the producer of both Art For All Festivals, at Malmi airport in 2021 and at the Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden in 2022, and in 2023 in the residential buildings of Helsinki's Kalasatama where the festival was organized together with the local residents.
In my own practice currently I am especially focused on work with community based organizations. In 2023 we founded Vokal together with Ella Kaira. Vokal is an architectural practice focused on justice and democracy in urban development. We believe that the current democratic processes of urban planning need to be developed and supplemented with community based practices. We use research based approach to found our work in local knowledge and methods of storytelling to create a shared language between the planning professionals and the local communities. As part of the You Tell Me Collective together with Ella have collaborated with a resident movement Pro Meri-Rastila in Helsinki to help preserve a local landmark Merirasti-chapel from demolition. The chapel's case has been documented in a documentary film by Finnish public broadcasting YLE.  The work with Pro Meri-Rastila continues through variety of collaborations such as the Geography of Memories project where we map the memories and immaterial values of the neighborhood.

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