I am the other half of Vokal, an architectural practice founded with Ella Kaira in 2023. We delve into the interplay between architecture, social movements, and property markets within the contemporary city. Our approach is research based and community driven. We use methods of story telling to build understanding around the dynamics of urban development and to create a common language between the local communities and design professionals.
Me and a group of students from Aalto University founded You Tell Me Collective in the Autumn of 2019. You Tell Me is a collective of students and young architects working on a paradigm change in the field of construction. The collective aims to change the practice through activism, networking and peer learning by for example organizing regular discussion events, evening schools.
Me and a group of students and alumni from Aalto ARTS and UniArts founded Art For All ry as a community for young artists. The mission of the association is to support artists at the beginning of their career's through peer support and cross-artistic collaboration, and to promote the accessibility of art and culture. The association got its start with the Art For All Festival organized in August 2021 at the Malmi Airport in Helsinki.
2019-2022 Architect MSc, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
2020-2021 Exchange studies (architecture MSc), ETH Zürich, Department of Architecture
2015-2019 Bachelor of Science (architecture), Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
2018 Minor studies in media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Media
Work Experience
2023- Project worker: Architecture Outside the Box -initiative, Museum of Finnish Architecture
2023- Project worker: ECOSOL -research project, Department of Architecture, Aalto University
2023 Co-teacher, coordinator: Aalto ARTS Summer School – Living With Wood(s), Aalto University
2022 Project consultant: Strömfors iron mill restoration, Aie Arkkitehdit Oy
2022 Teaching assistant: Aalto ARTS Summer School - Circular Economy & Co-Design, Aalto University
2021-2022 Project consultant: Scope Impact Oy
2021-2022 Teaching assistant: Current Practices of Art, Media, Design and Architecture, Aalto University
2019-2020 Assistant designer: Verstas Architects
2019 Theater manager intern: Kino Sheryl Oy
2019 Teaching assistant: ARTS-ENG project, Aalto University Department of Architecture
2018 Assistant designer: Urban Planning Department, City of Vantaa
2017-2018 Student assistant: Chair of Building Design, Aalto University Department of Architecture
2023 Article: Ympäristökriisien aikakautena tarvitaan hoivan ja ylläpidon arkkitehtuuria, Kaikkien arkkitehtuuri -writing series by Archinfo in collaboration with the You Tell Me Collective 1.10.2023
2023 Featured in documentary film: Rehellisesti ruma betoni, YLE 10.4.2023
2023 Interview: "Kun on tahtoa korjata, keinot kyllä löytyvät", (writer: Silja Ylitalo) Arkkitehtiuutiset 1/2023
2023 Article: Social Movements, Saviors of Built Heritage?, (co-writer: Ella Kaira), Finnish Architectural Review 1/2023
2022 Master's Thesis: Mass Produced Heritage – Preserving Modern Housing in Finland, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
2022 Published in: Innovative solutions for education: Insights and reflections from the Changemakers Dialogue! Initiative Final Report 2022, Ashoka
2022 Article: Aika puhua hirvityksistä, (co-writer: Ella Kaira), Arkkitehtiuutiset 5/2022
2022 Project: Living Vernacular, published in: Architecture Education in Finland 150 years, Aalto University Department of Architecture Yearbook 2020-2022
2021 Article: Rakennetaan puusta mutta vähemmän ja paremmin, Arkkitehtiuutiset 11/2021
2021 Project: Living Vernacular, published in: Interplay of Cultures Studio: Sámi. Contemplating Northern Indigenous Cultures in Present Global Challenges, Aalto University
2021 Historical survey of Pori shortwave radio station, Aalto University, RHS course
2021 Article: Mitä on arkkitehtuuri palavalla planeetalla? - You Tell Me, Architecture student magazine 2021
2020 Published in article: Eleven architecture and interior architecture projects by students at Aalto University, Dezeen 26.6.2020
2020 Opinion piece: Nykyrakentaminen syö rahat, terveyden ja luonnonvarat (co-writers: Emma Savela, Emel Tuupainen)
Helsingin Sanomat 2.10.2020
2020 Article: Critical Thinking Wanted, (co-writers: Svenja Lindner, Heljä Nieminen, Hilda Uusitalo), Finnish Architectural Review 2/2020
2020 Publication: What is Next? (co-writers: Rico Furter, Pablo Stadelmann) ETH Zürich, Studio Caruso
2017 Bachelor thesis: Street Design’s Impact on Urban Life, Aalto University Department of Architecture
2023 Producer:  Art For All Festival 2023 – Invitation, Kalasatama, Art For All ry
2022 Producer:  Art For All Festival 2022 – UNDER-GROUND, Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden, Art For All ry
2022 Exhibition: It's Time to Talk About Monstrosities, in collaboration with Ella Kaira, exhibited as part of Pori Biennale 2022 Visitors in Helsinki's Kallahti and Meri-Rastila, exhibition organized by and work supported by Porin Kulttuurisäätö
2021-2022 Curation and writing of a column series: Hope From Wood discussion series by Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Ministry of the Environment, You Tell Me Collective
2022 Exhibition: Interplay of Cultures Studio: Sámi. Contemplating Northern Indigenous Cultures in Present Global Challenges, as part of Designs for Cooler Planet exhibition, Aalto University
2021 Producer: Art For All Festival 2021 – Invisible Connection, Malmi Airport, Art For All ry
2020 Buildings We Live In anti-advertisement campaign, Helsinki metro, You Tell Me Collective
2019 Organizer / host: You Tell Me Symposium, You Tell Me Collective
2023 Speaker: Massatuotettu rakennusperintö – Keinoja modernin asuinrakennuskannan säilyttämiseen Suomessa, Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät 2023 Turku
2022 Speaker: Design in the (Non)Material World, Finnish Design Info
2022 Co-host: Ekologisen rakentamisen näkökulmia -podcast, Episode: Arkkitehtuuria ilman rakentamista, EKO-SAFA
2022 Facilitator: Let's Save Merirasti Chapel! -discussion event, You Tell Me Collective in collaboration with Pro Meri-Rastila
2022 Speaker: Unlocking students’ leadership and civic engagement: changemaking skills as means to empowerment, Changemakers Dialogue, Ashoka
2021 Facilitator: Hope From Wood discussion series by Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Ministry of the Environment, You Tell Me Collective
Other experience
2023- Member of the development group: New local architecture political development group, Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taike)
2022 Participant: Lähiölaboratorio - Toimenpiteenä paikallisuus, FEMMA Planning & Museum of Impossible Forms
2022 Jury member: Young Change Maker of the Year 2022, Ashoka Nordic
2021 Participant: Nordic Young Change Leaders Network & Summit, Ashoka Nordic
2021 Young Change Maker of the Year 2021, Ashoka Nordic
2018 Participant: European Architecture Student Assembly 2018, Rijeka, Croatia
Positions of Trust
2020- Board member (chairperson of the board 2021-2023): Kipsari Oy
2020- Founding member (chairperson of the board 2021, treasurer 2022-): Art For All ry
2019- Founding member: You Tell Me Collective
2020 Member of the leadership team (internationality): Student section of the Union of Finnish Architects
2018 Chairperson of the board: Aalto University Students of Arts, Design and Architecture TOKYO ry
2018 Member of the recruitment team of the dean: Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
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